Friday, November 20, 2015

Native American Heritage Month!

November is Native American Heritage Month!  Although we should celebrate the rich culture and traditions of the natives in the land Americans now call home all year, November is a specific time to educate yourselves on the important history of American's native people.

Fans of the Chausiku series know that I have prominently introduced the Natosapi Clan in Chausiku: The Blood of the Clans Book Three.  They are members of the Blackfoot Tribe who primarily live in Montana, USA and in Canada.  The natives of Canada are called First Nations.  "Blackfoot" is the English translation of the word siksika which means "black foot" and is more commonly used in Canada.  In the U.S. "Blackfeet" is more commonly used but is more of an anglicized pluralization instead of a true translation.

The Blackfoot tribe is also known as the Niitsitapi (original people)...and in the Chausiku series they have very unique supernatural powers (of course!).

What fans of the Chausiku series don't know is that my great-grandmother Josephine was Native American.  I'm only 1/8 so clearly can't claim the heritage but I have always been interested in her heritage.  Native Americans have made such important contributions to the United States and if you want to learn more...check out the websites below.

Native American Heritage Month

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