Sunday, July 16, 2017

Empowering Girls

When I decided to write the first book in the Chausiku series, it was because of the lack of African American girls as lead characters in science fiction/supernatural books.  Since that time, and as the number of books in my series grew, I realized that my interest evolved.  This evolution is reflected in my books by the empowerment I have given my female characters of every race, nationality and color.

As you read each chapter and then move on to the next book, you will notice that the teenage girls and women in every clan have a major role in the emerging plot.  There's Chausiku of the Sakombi clan, of course, but there's also Malika, Adamma, Adanya and Njeri.  Alitzel, Suyana and Marisol are from the Amaru clan.  Sinopa, Koko and Sokanon are from the Blackfoot tribe Natosapi clan.  The British Spencer clan has Elizabeth and Alissa.  Huan-yue and Ying are formidable women of the Qiao clan. Kate and Isobel lead the Australian Gale clan. They are strong but have weaknesses; kind but sometimes mean; serious and yet gleeful.  Some are inherently evil.  Others search for the goodness in everyone.  All are empowered.

Writing the Chausiku series has increased my interest in empowering girls to read, be educated, hold high positions in corporations and government, and to defend themselves.  To this end, I have decided to also use this blog to promote articles, events, seminars and programs empowering girls.  I will also donate 5 cents from each Chausiku series book purchased, not downloaded for free, to charities that focus on girls.  This will start in August and the accumulated donations will be made quarterly.  If you have a particular charity you are interested in feel free to post the link in the comments.

Thank you for supporting my books, charities and the empowerment of girls.

Links to the Chausiku books.
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