Monday, November 12, 2012

Introducing Chausiku: The Gathering Storm

Chassie Moreau jumped out of bed the morning of her 16th Birthday eager to start the day. Her
best friend, John Spencer, was meeting her at the front entrance of their high school and Chassie
expected to be greeted with his usual sunny disposition as he sang the Happy Birthday song
horribly off-key. However, for the first time in thirteen birthdays John’s demeanor was dead
serious. He told Chassie that her life was about to change and that she needed to be prepared.
Chassie had no idea what John meant until strange and impossible things started happening to
her moments later. Chassie was about to learn the truth. The truth about John. The truth about
her mother’s death. And most of all, the truth about her real identity and….her supernatural
John was not just the best friend that Chassie had known since she was three years old. He was also a member of one of the six special clans in the world. As a descendant of the European clan, John had the blond hair and blue eyes traits of the Spencer family but he had also inherited much more on his own 16th birthday six months earlier. John had inherited the supernatural abilities of the Spencer clan. And John knew what was about to happen to Chassie now the she too had reached her 16th birthday. Born Chausiku Aminia Sakombi Moreau, Chassie was a descendent of the Sakombi clan of the Azande tribe in Africa. She had the brilliantly vivid green eyes trait of her mother and her grandmother, and she was about to receive the most powerful abilities known to the six clans. Chassie was the Prophesy. But until she learned to control her abilities, Chassie was in extreme danger….because her mother’s killer, Rasul, was now looking for her.


  1. Really good book! Can't wait to find out what happened in Book Two!

  2. Great start. The fathers inner demons were clearly revealed but Chausiku reminds me of my daughter a bit - nonchalant over things that drive me nuts! I suspect there are a lot of "consequences" and implications headed her way in the next fact I hope so...

  3. Thank you for the compliment! There is definitely a challenge going on between Chausiku and her father. I'm glad that my words brought that to your attention as I intended.


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