Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Blog Book Tour!!! Featuring author Kish Knight!

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Geek - Boy Equals.... (Senior Year Book #1)
Obviously, popularity isn’t all that it’s cracked to be, but then again, maybe their friendship isn’t either.
Two months until high school graduation, and class Salutatorian (AND die-hard geek) Tab Holmes has decided that she wants to be popular, sexy, and irresistible to boys. EVEN if it means failing that last semester. EVEN if her longtime (and equally awkward) pen pal/ kind-of boyfriend is finally coming to Golden Rock High as an exchange student.
Enter Camille. She cheats, she lies, she dates college men…….and she’s Tab’s new edgy alter ego.
Epic NO-NO for a devout Nerd Circle geek! They don’t: a) talk to boys, b) ‘do’ their hair, or c) socialize with anyone even remotely popular. They also definitely don’t start skipping classes, sneaking out with grown men at night, or lose the second-most coveted position in the graduating class…
Since true nerds stick together, her BFFs realize that they have to snap some sense into her.….that is, until Kaitlyn realizes that it’s a perfect time to steal Geek-Boy from under Tab’s nose, and Olivia begins to hide the fact that Kaitlyn’s gorgeous brother suddenly has a thing for her.

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Geek to Diva in 20 seconds (Senior Year Book #2)

It’s timid Olivia, cynical Kaitlyn, and bold Tabitha ….. oops, Lydie, Kaori, and the gorgeous Camille, of course, back again. Strolling on the other side certainly has its consequences. Clearly, popularity isn’t all that it’s cracked to be, and Lydie was right: the alter egos are bad, bad, BAD! Especially since Kaori is falling in love….. with Camille’s boyfriend, and Camille herself is too busy to notice; she isn’t finished sneaking around with the other guy, the COLLEGE guy, the same one her mother disapproves of.
And sweet, innocent, responsible Lydie? Well, she may be hiding the biggest secret of them all.
......Apparently, it’s pretty easy for a Geek to graduate to a Diva….that is, under the right circumstances.

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