Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blog of the Day! Lee & Low Books-Tu Books

As an author of color who writes science fiction books with characters of color I use this blog to highlight quality organizations dedicated to publishing and promoting diversity books.  My pick today is Lee & Low Books and its imprint Tu Books.

Lee & Low Books' website states that it is the largest multicultural children's book publisher in the country.  They are also minority-owned and have been in the publishing world for 25 years.  Their mission is to publish diverse stories that all children can we clearly have much in common!

Tu Books is particularly interesting to me for obvious reasons as it is dedicated to "publishing middle grade and young adult novels that will spark your imagination, move your spirit, and keep you turning pages."  Eureka!  Nightmare of the Clans, Dark Soul of the Clans and The Blood of the Clans are science fiction, young adult, and page turning novels! (Sorry, I couldn't resist the self-promoting plug.) :-D

So if you are interested in YA, science fiction, fantasy and diversity books, click the links below to find some of the best.

Lee & Low Books
Tu Books

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