Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Blasian! (Repost update)

One of my main characters in the Chausiku Series is Kang, a Blasian born in China.  He is a member of the Qiao clan from Shanghai so he has supernatural powers.  But he still struggles with his identity as a #Blasian in Chausiku: The Secret Gambit Book Two.

All teens and young adults have issues to face and overcome.  But there are some struggles that are unique to biracial individuals.  While writing Book 2, I was particularly interested in the story of #LouJing, a biracial Chinese talent show contestant from Shanghai.   Biracial in America isn't new (my grandmother was half white/half black and my grandfather was half black/half Native American) but I wasn't as aware of biracials in other countries.

What's your story?  Send me your comments and check out some of the other blogs below.






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